Hawaii’s ‘Pool of Death’: Kipu Falls’ Fury against Tourists!

Hawaii Pool of Death

“The Pool of Death,” a hot tourist attraction in Hawaii, is actually a dangerous swimming hole located in the Kipu Falls along the Huleia stream. Travelers’ guides call it “a glorious hidden place” and an “extraordinary swimming hole,” but the locals calls it “the death hole,” as it claimed the lives of so many tourists. Authorities at the local tourism bureau became so distressed by the increasing number of deaths at the site that they went on a campaign last year. Their objective was to convince the guidebook publishers to remove all references to the place.

The Pool of Death is quite popular among the locals who think a swim in the pool is either an experience of a lifetime or the last experience of your life. They know it very well that unpredictable tides and seasonal changes can make this the swim of a lifetime, or the end of a life. Being familiar with these rapid changes, it is quite easy for a Hawaiian to jump into the pool and come out alive. This is why the rumor that the ‘Pool of Death’ has always been kind to the locals has a little validity. The only lives lost in the pool have been tourists’. Want to get some goose bumps? Check out the video!

I know you are a dare-devil! I know every bone in your body begs for challenge! Hold on, even professional divers and experienced swimmers avoid troubled waters like this. Stay safe and follow your heart! But, remember to ask your head first!


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