What Americans Travelling Abroad Should Expect?

Americans Travelling Abroad
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President Donald Trump’s immigration ban on Muslims, particularly citizens from the seven Middle Eastern and North African countries, will significantly affect American diplomatic relations with foreign nations and trigger hostility towards Americans travelling abroad. During the Obama era, travelling internationally has been smooth for Americans as the former resident is much appreciated by foreign nations for his effective diplomatic policies that prioritized diversity and promoted solidarity. However, the overtly racist remarks on foreign people by Donald Trump during his speech and the latest executive orders banning Muslims from entering the US as well as the construction of the Mexico wall will indisputably change the way people from other countries view America and Americans. Although the present government does not represent the views of majority Americans, to the people from other nations Americans as individuals are seen responsible for government diplomatic policies that focus on isolation and exclusion. Americans travelling abroad will have to deal with awkward situations for such decisions with which they might not have any connections, decisions that probably may not represent the individuals’ views on immigration at all.

Americans Travelling to Cuba? May be not!

Since the Cold War, Americans did not have any chance to travel to Cuba. Thanks to Obama for the normalization process that he initiated at the beginning of 2015. President Trump has declared that he “will reverse Obama’s executive orders” and stop the normalization process. Although it would take a long time to do it, it certainly will have a undesired impact on Cubans as hosts welcoming American travelers.

Renegotiating the Open Skies Agreement: Higher Airfare

Yes, the Open Skies Agreement ensured greater competition, lower airfares and choice of many flights to most international destinations for a long time. President Trump is more likely to support the alliance of the domestic airlines like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines that wants to restrict the Middle Eastern airliners like Emirates, Etihad Airlines and Qatar Airways from competition in the US. Referring to the large government subsidies that these carriers receive, the alliance claims that domestic carriers fails in the competition. Simple equation for American travelling abroad: be prepared for higher airfare!

Americans Travelling to China: Change Your Plans!

President Trump challenged the “One China Policy” at a time when he did not even take his office. US-China relationship has been somewhat cold over Trump’s telephone conversation with the Taiwanese leader. The situation has been further deteriorated when Trump’s pick for secretary of state Rex Tillerson directly threatened Chinese presence in the disputed South China Sea. Moreover, Trump has been repeatedly emphasizing bringing back jobs from China to the US by manufacturing American goods here within the US. All this can prompt China to cut diplomatic ties with the US, and for American travelers the Great Wall of China may remain forever exotic and unexplored!

Americans travelling Abroad May Face Tough Immigration Too!

President Trump has urged the DHS and other agencies to review and modify the already rigorous immigration policies that require foreign nationals planning to visit the US to go through tough screening process. Trump wants the screening process even tougher which might involve psychological tests to determine the visa applicant’s attitude to America and Americans. Americans should be ready to accept the same from other nations. Iran has already threatened to take “reciprocal measures” as a reaction to Trump’s latest immigration order. Moreover, Americans have enjoyed visa free travel to many countries for a long time. This advantage may be significantly curtailed as many nations are likely to suspend the visa free entry, instead Americans travelling abroad may have to spend much after visa fees.

There is no doubt that President Donald Trump prioritizes the safe and security of the United States before everything else, and his policies are certainly intended to make America great again. The new immigration policies may disappoint many travelers coming to the US, but for the Americans these bring a sense of security from foreign individuals who used to take advantage of the weakness of the lenient screening process. The should be accepted by the Americans travelling abroad!





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